A simple, black daisy flower with five petals.A gif with a series of images showing: Chelsea's black and white head shot, a photo of Chelsea as a little girl in a gold heart frame on a pink background, a stylized shot of Chelsea wearing a colorful shirt and a surprised face, and Chelsea dressed up as Dolly Parton wearing a big blonde wig, a white and gold sequin covered jacket and a white feather boa.A gif with a series of images showing: Kamala Harris speaking at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, an illustrated globe with little people taking care of it, an image of a smiling woman on a colorful illustrated background from the 2020 NYC Pride Campaign, a photo of Plenaire skincare products with soft blue lighting and the Forti Goods logo layered on top of an image of a cannabis leaf.A gif with a series of images showing: The new school logo in white on a red background, an image of the campus interior, the words "making, excellence, engagement" stacked and left justified in white on a black background and an image of the campus experior.A gif with a series of images showing: The AIGA NY logo in white on a black background, a yellow heart on a pink background, a collage of images from events and pink text on a yellow background that reads, "the professional association for design."A gif with a series of images showing: Hillary Clinton on a blue background, a collage of woman cards, Hillary Clinton speaking at an event with the word "history in the background" and a white heart on a blue background with an orange in the middle to represent Florida.

Hi. I’m Chelsea. I’m a partner and creative director at Zero Studios. In the past, I’ve taught design at Parsons, served as the President of AIGA NY and I was a designer at Hillary for America where I proudly worked to nominate the first woman president.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative director, designer and art director based in Brooklyn, NY with experience building thoughtful brand worlds, digital experiences and campaigns. 

I enjoy building visual systems and digging into the research and strategy phase of projects. I’m interested in understanding our stories and lived experiences to create things that make our time here better. I’m driven by curiosity and the desire to make things that foster connection and belonging, solve business problems and create social change. 

I love collaborating with thoughtful, passionate, wonderfully weird people and I strive to create open-minded spaces where we can be ourselves.

Thanks for dropping by my corner of the internet. You can also find me on instagram where I share life stuff,  pics of my dog and various craft projects I’m working on.