A simple, black daisy flower with five petals.A gif with a series of images showing: Kamala Harris speaking at the 2020 Democratic National Convention, an illustrated globe with little people taking care of it, an image of a smiling woman on a colorful illustrated background from the 2020 NYC Pride Campaign, a photo of Plenaire skincare products with soft blue lighting and the Forti Goods logo layered on top of an image of a cannabis leaf.A gif with a series of images showing: The new school logo in white on a red background, an image of the campus interior, the words "making, excellence, engagement" stacked and left justified in white on a black background and an image of the campus experior.A gif with a series of images showing: The AIGA NY logo in white on a black background, a yellow heart on a pink background, a collage of images from events and pink text on a yellow background that reads, "the professional association for design."A gif with a series of images showing: Hillary Clinton on a blue background, a collage of woman cards, Hillary Clinton speaking at an event with the word "history in the background" and a white heart on a blue background with an orange in the middle to represent Florida.

Hi 👋 I’m Chelsea. I’m a partner and creative director at Zero Studios. In the past, I’ve taught design at Parsons, served as the President of AIGA NY and I was a designer at Hillary for America where I proudly worked to nominate the first woman president.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband Mark, our daughter Goodie and our dog Joanie. When I’m not building brand worlds I’m usually making something with my hands — like these 🔥cool things for your hot stuff🔥 I’m occasionally in Milwaukee, having a ✨nice time✨ at one of the airbnb’s Mark designed (where you can stay too 👉 here, here, here and here!) 

Thanks for dropping by my corner of the internet. You can also find me on instagram where I share life stuff and various craft projects I’m working on.

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